On-site On-call

NedLab provides support for companies with their own laboratory by carrying out certain analyses (temporarily or otherwise) for them and by the secondment of laboratory assistants as well. Internal laboratories usually have a small workforce and, if someone is ill or on holiday, the work soon suffers, while the laboratory work is vital for the continuity of the production of the company.

Extra hands

A great many companies have become acquainted with this form of on-site support in recent years. These are companies with laboratories which regularly need extra hands or, on the contrary, just now and again. On-site support is very useful, if employees are absent - whatever the cause. There are, however, other reasons why companies like to use our staff. For example, if the work pressure is temporarily too high or if there are special projects on. Hiring in specific knowledge and assistance in the event of emergencies is also possible.

Permanent employee

If you would like to make use of our on-site support, please contact NedLab. We would be happy to discuss the required support with you, after which, we will determine which of our employees fits the profile in question. You yourself can show the employee selected the ropes in your laboratory. If you need the assistance of the NedLab employee in question, you simply call him or her. In theory, we allocate a permanent employee to you, so that you do not have to familiarise someone new with your activities every time you need help.


NedLab will conclude an agreement with you on the deployment of our employee at your laboratory. The fees for on-site support will depend on the hours, etc. agreed. Whether you have plenty of time to sort things out or need assistance at short notice, whether you need incidental or fairly frequent support, for short or longer periods, our on-site support may be the solution. Ask NEDLAB about the possibilities. Feel free to ask for information or tell us about your specific needs, without obligation.



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