Research, testing and analyses

Irrespective of your activities, NedLab is the independent laboratory for all your research and testing and analyses of:
• Raw materials, process controls, trouble-shooting, production, products, product innovation, competitive analysis, the environment, residues, and more


We do not restrict ourselves to just reporting boring old figures but, if required, we can work together with you to solve problems. Advice contributes to finding solutions.

Analytical techniques

Our professional laboratory offers the following techniques:
• ICP; AA; XRF; GC; LC; IC; IR; MS; UV/vis; microscopy; coulometry; titrimetry; gravimetry;
• An extensive range of physical techniques (freezing point, distillation, flash point, dynamic and kinematic viscosity; refractive index, polarimetry, digital density measurement, etc.).


Valued aspects of our services include the following:
• Screening in accordance with national and international standards (NEN, ISO, EN, DIN, Eur. Pharm, ASTM, SSSA, SAE, AOCS, AOAC, etc)
• Tailor-made services to suit your requirements (routine, high-frequency, incidental or research)
• An open, clear fee structure
• A discount from five samples per consignment
• A discount if we have to extend the reporting deadline
• Sampling
• Decades of experience in independent research
• Arbitrage analyses
• Services around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
• NedLab courier service
• ‘One stop’ service laboratory
• A dedicated contact person
• Q.P. Nedlab B.V., trading under the name NEDLAB LUCHT & GASSEN, is NEN EN ISO/IED 17025 is accredited, for scope see: 'L356 - Dutch Accreditation Council (Scopes Archive - Raad voor Accreditatie (


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