NedLab’s field staff undertake measurements on site and take samples for analysis in the laboratory. Staff are equipped with a comprehensive range of sampling equipment. In whatever way a product is stored or packaged, we are always able to carry out clean, adequate sampling.


Sampling is a specialist job. We are, after all, talking about valuable or vulnerable products - foodstuffs, gases and toxic, highly flammable or corrosive substances. Furthermore, the sample may not be affected by sampling tools, the packaging, the environment or any auxiliary materials used. Depending on the nature of the sampled material, NedLab staff store the sample in glass, plastic, metal or bags. Every sample is labelled with the requisite data. The samples can be sealed with a code.


NedLab analyses a comprehensive range of products and can also take samples of almost all these products, whether they are viscous or non-viscous liquids, powders or other solid substances or gases. NedLab uses a specially designed system to sample ‘cold’ substances, such as liquid CO2. The method of sampling will depend on the screening required.


What size samples does NedLab itself take and analyse? Seagoing vessels (up to 80,000 mt), inland vessels (up to 2,000 mt), railtanks/cars/wagons (up to 50 mt), road tankers bulk (up to 25 mt), tankcontainers/bulk containers (up to 20 mt), Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)/BigBags (tot 1,000 kg), drums/sacks/bales (up to 200 kg), retail packaging (< 200 kg) and pipes & systems (continuous).


On-site measurements must be taken to check medical gases and breathing air. Additional laboratory screening will usually be carried out in such cases. These measurements may be incidental or for monitoring purposes. The quality of medical gases and breathing air is of great importance for the safety and health of employees and patients. NedLab observes the legal requirements laid down in the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) legislation. Identification, moisture content and dew point determinations, tests for impurities, the mineral oil content, the presence of hydrocarbons and particle measurements in accordance with NEN 7396 or ISO 8573 are the most important measurements.
We also check the quality and composition of technical/industrial gases to ensure that the products meet the desired or necessary specifications.


NedLab’s field staff members have had excellent training for their tasks. They have experience with a wide range of sampling and have all the equipment and auxiliary materials they need at their disposal, including personal protective equipment. All our field staff members also have a Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors (SCC) certificate and therefore, they are allowed to enter most industrial sites.


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