Pressurised gases

In the analytical laboratory, gases – and particularly gases which are pressurised and liquefied – form a flow of samples which require special attention precisely because of their state of aggregation.

Various industries work with gases.
· the petroleum industry: gases such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), propane and butane;

· the chemical industry: gases such as ethylene, propylene, iso-butylene, butadiene, etc.;

· the cooling industry: coolants such as CO2, ammonia and fluorine-containing hydrocarbons;

· the permanent gases helium, nitrogen, argon, etc.;

· the medical sector: oxygen, laughing gas and special air mixtures, etc.;

· the food processing industry: all kinds of mixtures to protect pre-packed foods;

In short, a wide range of gases and gas mixtures are produced and used for an even wider range of applications. Our knowledge may also be of use in the quality control of gases or measurement of contaminants in your field, too.


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