Chemicals (petro, bulk and special)

The word ‘chemicals’ evokes a negative image in most people; surveys show that chemistry is unknown, threatening and unpopular. However, anyone who looks a little further will realise that the chemical industry and its productsform the basis of our modern society; without chemistry we would be back in the stone ages again.

Chemistry is around us all the time and everywhere, at work, at home and in our leisure activities. In agriculture, artificial fertiliser and crop protection products pretty much guarantee adequate yields from the land.
And where would the construction sector be without the chemical industry?
Chemistry also plays an enormous role in our mobility (car, train, boat and plane); it occupies centre stage in the construction of our various means of transport and in the development of fuels and lubricants.
At the office everything you touch is based on products originating from the chemical industry: paper, plastic, monitors, ink cartridges for printers, pens, felt-tip pens ….. You name it.
And then there are cosmetics, medicines, cleaning products, paint, food, sports articles and so on.

The quality of raw materials and semi-manufactures for and from the chemical industry requires absolute precision. Small abnormalities during the production of these raw materials, or impurities which can arise during storage and transport often have negative effects on quality during later production processes.

Laboratory checks on raw materials, semi-manufactured products and products from the chemical industry, including during storage and transport, guarantee their high purity and other chemical and physical properties.



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