Fuels, lubricants and refinery products

The quality of both fuels and lubricants is continuously being developed.
Objectives include improving the lubricating properties of low-sulphur diesel oils, producing a cleaner and more economical type of petrol and meeting the quality requirements set for heavy fuel oil for seagoing vessels.

The requirements set by the motorcar industry on the composition of fuels pursuant to international environmental requirements are very strict. After all, combining modern techniques in engines and fuels can lead to substantial reductions in the emission of harmful substances.

The composition of the fuel itself is also increasingly subjected to requirements laid down by international legislation; petrol must be free from lead and the level of aromatic hydrocarbons in petrol must be reduced. The level of sulphur in diesel oil is, furthermore, being reduced to zero and the soot particles released during the combustion of diesel is a concern which will require a great deal of modification of the fuel.

These are all aspects of quality which can only be revealed by means of testing and analysis. Continuous monitoring of these new fuels will only be possible with frequent checks and meticulous testing in a laboratory will also be needed to determine abnormalities and impurities.


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