Residues and waste products

The national and international aim is a large reduction in residues and waste products. Under the motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’, the flow of residues is increasingly being driven back.

This is realised on the one hand by ‘smarter’ use of raw materials and modifications in production but, on the other, by better separation and recycling of residues and ‘waste’. In this context, ‘residue’ is a more appropriate term than ‘waste’ since the residue from one process often forms the raw material for another.

Smart applications, such as the generation of energy, are also being sought for the ‘real waste’ ultimately released.
An understanding of the chemical composition of residues and waste is vital, if we are to obtain insight into their environmental impact and to work out the best possible methods for processing them.

Comprehensive laboratory analysis of residues and waste products and continual monitoring of the quality of waste flows are therefore indispensable tools in optimising recycling and processing.


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